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International Marketing Introduction Marketing goals can be simply defined as the predetermined statements of desired or anticipated outcomes, which are expected from a firm’s marketing plan. Generally, every firm sets broader goals that represent simple statements of what will be attained within the stipulated period of time.


Basic goals of marketing Setting of marketing goals is the primary function of every marketer before commencing his marketing plan. The goals greatly assist a seller to identify potential market segments where people are most likely to express interests in his products or services. Some of the basic goals of marketing are described below. Creation of demand In order to improve the sales volumes and thereby to increase profitability, it is necessary to attract people towards products or services offered by the firm. Marketers generally employ a variety of demand creation tactics including advertising, personal selling, and other modern sales promotion techniques. In short, creation of demand is the first step in implementing the proposed business plan. Differentiation of products While analysing any market segment, it is clear that a number of marketers operate with same category of products. Under such a situation, an average customer cannot easily distinguish between different sellers because most of the displayed products look same. As Stonier and Hague (1980) point out, marketers develop differentiation strategy with intent to make their product easily identifiable to customers (p.233). ...
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