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Marketing: Consumer Behavior By Name Course Institution Date Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction Understanding of consumers is an important step towards improving marketing strategies of an organization. Psychology of consumer thoughts, reasoning, feeling, and choosing coupled with influence of environment on buying decisions are amongst the important aspect that business organizations need to understand in order to develop efficiently and effective marketing strategies.


According to Hoyer and Macinnis (2009, p. 1), consumer culture that explains consumer behavior includes amongst other things consumer diversity, social class and household influences, psychographics entailing lifestyle, personalities, and values as well as social influences. Businesses and organizations should strive to understand consumer’s behavior in order to tap the positive attitudes and change the negative attitudes to suit their products. Bill is a proud owner of a chain of GYM centers meant for enhancing users’ fitness. These chains of gym centers focus on market (Hoyer & Macinnis, 2010, p 10). Bill is interested in building user loyalty hence be sure of their registration annually. In addition, the business the business would wish to apply the created loyalty into initiating customer relationship marketing. What’s more, this chain of gym centers have been experiencing high number of customers that register but fail to come, those that attend irregularly, as well as those that do not renew their registration (Kardes, Cronley & Cline, 2010, p. 15). ...
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