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Essay example - A critical analysis of Olympic legacies: past Olympic Games and London 2012

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The London 2012 Olympics games proclaim that ‘legacy planning’ has been the central focus for the London bid to the games.It is for the very first in the history,that legacy and planning have been worked parallel to attain broad goals for the mega event…

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The London 2012 Olympics games proclaim that ‘legacy planning’ has been the central focus for the London bid to the games when compared to any other previous hosts bids. It is for the very first in the history, that legacy and planning have been worked parallel to attain broad goals and objectives for the mega event. Vision London 2012 aims for creating a lasting legacy that would regenerate the East London economically as well as socially and would result in direct benefits for the local community. Lea Valley in specific has reformed itself with almost 40,000 new homes and 50,000 new jobs (Second Report: Vol 1 2007).Legacy in simple terms is the gift or the inheritance that one receives over a period of time and is handed down to another period of time and which can further be positive or negative in nature. In words of Hein Verbruggen, the term legacy emphasizes upon promoting educational richness instead of proclaiming to be an elitist. He said that legacy is one that ensures a certain degree of permanence between foundation and pinnacle.
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