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Independent Music Labels and Their impact on theMusic Industry

In recent times – fortunately or unfortunately we don’t know whether to call it a boon or a bane, there has been a sudden splurge of new private music companies which have given the existing scenario a total make-over by branding themselves on a different plane altogether. Besides the four major recording companies –i.e. Warner, Universal, Sony BMG and EMI, there are what are called “Indie” labels. The most common or widely used description of “independent” labels is that they are not connected with any major or corporate label. Such labels give more freedom and control, than what is allowed by major labels. They also extend support on the business aspect of music, though not on a very large scale. Independent labels face a downside in the fact that they lack the finance needed to make an artist or album popular. They are not capable of good advertisements or promotions for artists or albums. Most of these small labels are run by musicians from their home or garage. If it becomes a success, eventually it is taken over by a major label. The current scenario is pretty clear, both consumers and artists have spectacular opportunities from digital download technologies, as long as the artists are fairly compensated and major labels don’t interfere with it. Obviously, technology is changing the face of the Music industry. ...
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The paper is discussing the music industry and its impact on the modern culture in general, how it develops and changes throughout the unstoppable technological progress…
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