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Feasibility Study for Salfordia’s Entry to Chinese Construction Market Introduction The current economic climate is characterised by volatility as a result of the fast-changing economic and business trends. The information and communications technology as well as the shifting of labour, work, and other forces have led to the need for many businesses to re-consider their established work and business practises…


It will analyse and propose strategic actions how Salfordia could expand in the Chinese construction Market. Executive Summary Salfordia is a family-run construction firm established in 1975. It is medium-sized that provides specialist glazing / curtain walling based in Salford and work on construction projects throughout the United Kingdom (UK) working on both private and public sector office and industrial projects. Four out of six members of the board and the chief executive are family members. The company has very established processes and procedures, some going back 10 to 15 years and quite ‘resistant’ to organisational and cultural change. The current economic climate in the UK has pushed Salfordia to look at opportunities to expand its business into a growing overseas market. It has identified China as a market that it wishes to investigate and this report will provide needed information about the possibility of this venture. In order for Salfordia to venture in Chinese market, it is important for the firm to fully understand the social, cultural, and political risks and concerns that it will encounter in China. ...
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