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Business To Business Marketing Introduction Business to Business, also popularly known as B2B, basically refers to the commercial transactions between two organizations. Business to Business marketing is concerned about selling or purchasing of goods or services with a motive to support the operations of other firm or to support production of other firms’ products or even for resale purposes.


Considering these facts, this paper intends to include the nature of the Business to Business marketing along with its related fields so as to provide with a comprehensive description of the concept. Nature of Business to Business Marketing The Business to Business marketing is rigidly structured in nature, i.e. it is less flexible in comparison to the Business to Consumer market. As the consumers, in this context, are business people (other business firms) having higher bargaining power, the company who is involved in this section needs to put more effort to attract the customers (i.e. other organization). To attract the customers (other organizations), personal selling is more preferable rather than advertisement in this type of marketing, as the organizations rarely pay attention to the advertisement. The customers in this context are mostly organizations themselves and tend to know the very marketing trick which stands as one of the reasons to avoid advertisement. Here, the intermediates have no role to play as it mostly involve with direct selling or direct channels to its customers. ...
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