Ice Fili case from HBR

Ice Fili case from HBR Essay example
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Introduction: 3
External Analysis: 5
Internal Analysis: 18
Issues and Problems: 25
Alternatives (Possible Solutions): 28
Criteria Selection and Recommendation: 33
Implementation Plan of Action: 36
Conclusion: 39


Ice Fili is a midsized company of Russia and one of Russia’s top ice cream producers serving the medium level category of the market. It is the present leader in terms of market revenues in the Russian ice cream business. In recent years it has been faltering. It faces the threat of being overtaken by its competitors if nothing is done. The chief concerns of the company as given in the case involve increased competition. The competition is largely due to a saturated ice cream market, shrinking sales revenue, increase in the number of competitors and threat of substitutes. Of all competitors, Nestle is perceived to be the fiercest. This apart, the small regional ice cream producers and other Moscow based producers pose a tough challenge in the metropolitan markets. In the finest ice cream producer category, there is Baskin & Robbins and Haagen Dazs. The substitute products include beer, soda, yogurts, chocolate and other confectionary candies. As opposed to the falling tendency found in the Russian ice cream industry, the beer, soft drink and confectionary industries enjoy increasing market demand. This indicates a preference shift of the market from ice cream to these substitute products. Given such a competitive ice cream market scenario in Russia, the case of Ice Fili assumes further significance. (Rukstad, Wells & Yin, January 22, 2007, p. 1)
The short term and long term corporate goals of Ice Fili are almost similar as both deal with competitors. ...
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