Dissertation sample - a study in which greenwash commercials influence buying behaviour.

a study in which greenwash commercials influence buying behaviour. Dissertation example
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Marketing DissertationResearch Proposal Academic Year 2010/11 Name: …………………………………………………………………. Student Number: …………………… Supervisor:………………………………………………………………


105). Many organizations are adopting the practise of Greenwash commercials to draw consumers’ attention towards their products, to derive maximum results. Most reputed organizations have started showing more concerns over the environment in recent times. Consumers also have their focus on using eco-friendly products. Much debate have been raised regarding the use of Green marketing as some organizations have adopted the use of the Green marketing without any real change in the product configuration or in their practise. The changing environmental and social aspects are creating challenges towards the product configurations, involving huge costs for the organizations. Hence, they are sometimes getting forced to make false claims that these products are completely environmentally adjusted. Such practices bring the ethics of the organization into question. This dissertation focuses on the clear understanding of the Green marketing and practices involving it and on the customer impact of the use of the Greenwash commercials. The dissertation also focuses on the false claim some organizations made through the Greenwash commercials discussing mainly the luxury car industry to study the impact of the Greenwash commercials on buying behaviours of the these consumers (Gillespie, 2008, p. 79). ...
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