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Discussion and Participation questions - Essay Example


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Discussion and Participation questions

A product that came out over 10 years ago which failed very fast after its release into the marketplace was Cherry Cola. The flavor of the soda was awful. A product that was introduced by Microsoft to compete directly with the IPod was the Zune. The Zune player failed to achieve the goal of threatening the dominance of the IPod in the portable music player market segment. A product in the automobile industry that failed was the Yugo auto brand. The Yugo was a very inexpensive automobile whose target market was the low income customers. The cars lack of performance, reliability, and style made this product a failure in the marketplace. 2. Companies should consider a variety of factors when establishing a price policy for a product or service. One of the most important factors in regards to price is that a price point must be selected at a value that is sufficient to cover the direct cost and overheads of the company and to earn a decent profit. Companies that select a price point that is too low might run out of business soon because if sufficient revenues are not generated a company will go out of business. Once the correct profit formula is in place there are several other factors to consider. A very important factor in price setting is the competition. The price of the competition will determine the lowest or highest price one can charge for a similar item. A third factor to consider in price setting is the marketplace. For example the pricing strategy of a company in the United States

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Discussion and Participation Questions
In an internal audit article published by the Kansas State University, the discourse on internal controls has clearly indicated that there are four purposes of internal control systems, to wit: “(1) protecting its resources against waste, fraud, and inefficiency; (2) ensuring accuracy and reliability in accounting and operating data; (3) securing compliance with the policies of the organization; and (4) evaluating the level of performance in all organizational units of the organization” (Kansas State University par.
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Discussion and Participation Questions
Successful companies such as Starbucks have strong CRS in place with initiative such as purchasing only fair trade coffee. Ethics plays an important role in the future success of a company. Back in the late 1990’s the apparel giant Nike Corporation got involved in a messy sweetshop scandal the image and reputation of the company.
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Business - Discussion and Participation Questions
Section 201 of the Sarbanes-Oxley lists the services outside the scope of practice of auditors. The client is supposed to assist the auditor during the entire auditing process. Nine activities that the auditor cannot perform in order for auditor independence to exist are: Bookkeeping services Design of financial information systems Appraisal or valuation services Actuarial services Internal auditing outsourcing services Human resources or management functions Investment broker or dealer Legal services Other services that the Board of Directors determine may cause a conflict of interest (Sox-online, 2006).
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Week 5 discussion and participation questions
The formula for a linear regression is y = ax + b. The y in the equation is the dependent variable. The x is the independent variable. Suppose you want to find out how much food is purchased on a household. The food
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Week 2 Discussion and Participation questions
The patients visits are scheduled at 15-30 minute intervals so that when the patient arrives the person will not have to wait long for service. The doctors that I have gone too are not too accurate in
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Week Four Discussion and Participation questions
India is one of the world’s top destinations for outsourced work. Companies along with manufacturing parts they also outsourced their services. Functions like customer service are often outsourced to call centers outside the United States.
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Week 5 Discussion and Participation Questions
Once a company begins to mature they have more options available to them. For example a company that has been established for a few years can qualify for bank loans. An established firm that needs
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Week 6 discussion and participation questions
Advertising campaigns are prepared with a specific intention in mind. They target specific products or the overall product attributes of an enterprise. Wendy’s has prepared advertising campaigns to highlight the fast service of its carry out
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Week 5 Discussion and Participation Questions
The niche I’m interested in is the Neapolitan Pizza. Neapolitan Pizza is an Italian style of pizza that is cooked at high temperature. A Neapolitan pizza is cooked between
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Week Three Discussion and Participation Questions
At the end of the operating lease ownership of the asset would be transfer back to the lessor. The four criteria for capital leases should be abolished by the FASB and all leases behave as capital leases. The annual payment of $10,000 for 20 years means that
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might be very different than the price strategy a company uses in India. Adapting the pricing strategy over time is important because things change that affect the price of a product. For instance when a new product comes into the market with better qualities and lower price a firm has to make adjustments to its strategy to compete with the new competition. 3. I remember the New Coke debacle. Coca Cola did not realize that its brand value was so strong. People were very loyal to the Coca Cola formula. Introducing an alternative formula to Coke was perceived as a major threat to the loyal customers who feared that the New Coke concept might replace the traditional formula in the long run. I don’t know if you remember, but Cola-Cola has had problems in the past trying to introduce new products. Back in the late 80’s or late 90’s Coca-Cola attempted to introduce a product called Cherry-Cola. The product was a complete bust. I believe the big issue with Cherry Cola was taste. 4. I agree with you that a lot of products fail because they don’t meet the demands and needs of the customers. The customers are the most important stakeholder group of all organizations. Without the sales from customers companies would seize to exist. A company that has done very well due to its ability to introduce new innovative products that customers’ desire is Apple computers. Two of the biggest products hits Apple had achieved during the last five years were the IPod and the iPhone. Both products revolutionized their market segments. 5. The system you mentioned in your response in regards to new products seems like a good methodology to use. It is always important to have everyone in your company on the same page. Everyone on the company must know who the target customers are in order to apply consistent standards. The design, production, and sales team must work together and communicate with each other effectively in order to satisfy the needs of the cust


1. There are many things that companies should consider when developing a product. The objective of developing a new product is to help companies improve their sales. Prior to developing a product the product development team has to work with the marketing department to determine the target market for the product…
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Discussion and Participation questions essay example
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