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Kano Model Analysis (Insert Name) 15 December 2011 Executive Summary Customer satisfaction is an increasing area of interest because of competition brought about by globalization. This paper relates to customer satisfaction in institutions of higher learning…


Qualitative methods helped in the identification of variables while quantitative methods were useful in measuring the extent of the variables indentified. The key findings of the project were that students value lighting and space. In addition, they do not care about background music of sophisticated temperature controls. It is incumbent upon administrators to ensure that building designs take into account these issues. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 Aim of Research 4 Relevance of the Research Project 4 Structure of the Report 4 Chapter I - Theory 5 Chapter II - Research Method 8 The Benefits of the Research Method 8 Methodology 8 Possible Limitations 9 Significant Literature 10 Chapter III - Findings and Discussion 11 Key Findings 11 Discussion of Findings 12 Chapter IV - Conclusions 15 Recommendations 15 Limitations and Suggestions for Future Research 15 Bibliography 17 Appendix 18 The issue of consumer satisfaction is very crucial for the profitability of businesses. It is the subject of many research efforts because of the increasing need to offer competitive products and services to consumers. This paper presents the analysis of data obtained in an effort to determine the satisfaction of students by measuring the attributes of teaching facilities in higher education. ...
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