How sex in advertising has negative effects on societies perception of beauty.

How sex in advertising has negative effects on societies perception of beauty. Term Paper example
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How sex in advertising has negative effects on society’s perception of beauty?
It is practically inescapable to turn on the television, browse internet, page through a magazine, or drive past billboards without seeing some sort of sex appeal.


Sex appeal is the “use of sexual themes that appeal to a person’s desire to be attractive,” according to the article “Advertising” in the 1999 World Book encyclopedia (Robertson, p.1)
Since advertising is a big business, advertisers may not keep any ethics or morality while producing or displaying advertisements in either electronic or print medias. They always try to incorporate or blend materials or themes which may catch the attention of the public as soon as the advertisement is displayed on certain channels or medias. When advertisers think about an eye catching theme, most of the times, they will give preferences to sex related themes.
Sex is associated with many of the current advertisements in different ways. Most of the beauty products currently available in the market are backed with advertisements which contain sexual themes. In most of the cases, advertisers exploit the female body, its shape, appearance and looks for exploiting the feelings of consumers. Advertisers know very well that sex is an unavoidable feeling of all the people irrespective of the differences in gender, age or culture. Even though advertisers have tasted lot of success in promoting their products and services with the help of ads with sexual contents, some of the recent studies have shown that it is adversely affecting society’s perception of beauty. ...
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