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After a long career as a Marketing Manager for Coca Cola, a friend of yours is thinking about taking a senior marketing position in a not for profit organization. What are some of the major differences she should expect to encounter?


The friend should expect a great deal of difference as per her working domains. For starters, she must understand that this is a wholly differential undertaking and it would mean that she will have to undergo work which is haphazard and without any due incentives coming to her fore. She will have to comprehend how as being the Marketing Manager at Coca Cola will she replicate the same within her realms at the not for profit organization. There is evidence in the form of understanding that the not for profit organizations do not bring in that many incentives and bonuses which Coca Cola might promise at any given times. This is suggested by the company policies of the two institutions – the not for profit organization and Coca Cola. Since Coca Cola is a thriving business which is based upon the premise of raking in a profit on all counts, the not for profit organization does not exist as such1. There is reason enough to believe that the not for profit organization would bank solely on getting the job done and would not warrant any benefits for its employees in the long run. Therefore, one must understand that the giant corporate enterprise (Coca Cola) would be better placed to give her a better career opportunity than the one which has been promised by this not for profit organization. ...
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