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Marketing Plan about Gu Puds on UK

This report stresses that the company thrives on its brand image which was developed after lengthy and careful and analysis. It emphasizes greatly on its looks which was also developed after long and hard thoughts about what they aimed to stand for and what exactly keeps them going. The merging of the two brands resulted in rapid growth for the company. This was complimented with some of the tempting new packaging which featured their mysterious new characters The Gü Decadents and also a manifesto for having a more indulgent life.
The project considers development of the SMART objectives crucial and the foremost priority for the company as it helps to present the objectives in a well defined manner. SMART objectives are presented as the set of objectives which are specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time/cost limited. Smart objectives help in the removal of all kinds of conflicts between the client and the internal stakeholders regarding the project. Gu Puds must ensure that all stakeholders of the company agree upon the projected objectives. This would especially applicable for the workers who are associated with the production unit of the company. Since the company seeks to enhance its sales by 10%, this would have to be agreed upon by the producers of the products who would be directly accountable for the increased production of the product. The increased sales must have adequate resources for complementing the strategy. ...
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This essay talks that Gu Puds is one of the top chocolate manufacturers based in London. It was launched in the year 2003 with three major products. Immediately it emerged as a tremendous success and was soon joined by its fruity sibling, Fru which was established two years later. …
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