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Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan

This essay describes the Absorb Rite Tissues and Towels, Inc. company, that is a successful manufacturer of dairy paper products, enjoying for many years the loyalty of its customers. Competing in the private labels industry for many years, the company is currently facing a down-ward slope in its sales and overall profits due to the shift in customer (retailers) demands. The emergence and development of grocery and super store chains have ultimately pushed prices down; a fact that has caused a lot of pressure to Absorb Rite as it merely produces ‘on the line’ of breaking even. In addition to that, a loss of some of the major clients has considerably further reduced the profits gained. The company has been focusing on manufacturing an innovative product that has a dual utility; the products have already gone through the R&D department and have been tested to sample markets with positive feedback and reviews. The overall strategy of Absorb Rite Tissues and Towels, Inc. should be directed towards marketing and promoting the innovative new products that have already been designed in the R&D department and researched in test markets. To this extend, Absorb Rite needs to redirect its strategy and objectives towards promoting this new line and eventually penetrating the market while capturing largest portions of the market. This marketing plan effectively offers a complete action plan for the necessary activities that need to be implemented towards restoring the position of the firm and increasing total sales. ...
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This essay describes the topic of marketing strategy and implementation plan, that were created for Absorb Rite Tissues and Towels, Inc., that is a successful manufacturer of dairy paper products, enjoying for many years the loyalty of its customers…
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