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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction to sustainable marketing: Sustainable market is reoffered to, an additional market which doesn’t go beyond the firm bottom line goals and customers enchantment, In other terms, sustainable marketing is referred to as, an ecosystems comparability within its operating framework or green marketing or an eco-marketing, Therefore, according to the above definition, it is quite clear that; sustainable marketing aids in increasing the decision making boundaries of an entity so as to encompass the entire life cycle of products, both beyond and after the product is manufactured.


In order to successfully deliver a competitive market, most of the companies do pass their products through the environmental effect that their products might be having; once it is clear in a particular area if sustainable marketing is effective in the overall goal of the company as whole. (Binswanger, H. 1994) This will lead to the overall improvement in the achievement of all the set objective, visions, missions and goals of a particular business despite the existing challenges in the market. Critical analysis of sustainability marketing; The main objective of sustainable marketing is not to influence consumers into a buying green; instead it practically presents clear information that the product life cycle has greatly impacted the Business environment and leaves the decision with the customer to make the final choice. This is because marketing is about creating consumer but not forcing or luring them to make consumption choices. ...
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