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Cereal Aisle Analysis - Essay Example

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A number of items were on display in the canteen but since my focus was on Children’s cereal, I observed the display and the behavior very closely. There were several varieties of cereals, each one of them prominently displayed in such a way that one could not miss seeing them…

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Cereal Aisle Analysis

My observations are compiled in short statements in this report. First of all, there were ten different brands on display, out of which I could easily recognize three. These were Kellogg’s, Malt-O- Meal, and Cheerios. Among the Kellogg’s brand, and in the Breakfast Cereal category, there were 27 varieties of Breakfast Cereals, ranging from All- Bran to Mini – Wheat. Each one of them had their name and specialty prominently displayed on its cover. They were of distinct flavor and were available in five different sizes. The packets were specially designed to attract children. The focus on packing and labeling was such that many children were fascinated with them. (Kellogs, 2011)
The second observation was that of brand Malt-O – Meal .The packing of Malt-O – Meal was very attractive and the shelves were segregated in two parts, cold and hot cereals. There was another category named Natural Cereal. On closer examination I found that they do not put artificial colors and used only natural preservatives. It gave a feeling that the company cares for the health of its customers. This made the choice easier, especially for the parents (MALT-O-MEAL, 2011)
The third prominent brand which I observed was Cheerios. They had varieties for kids, parents, families and adults. I found it very interesting and observed that in the aisle only products meant for kids were stored. The packets were very well designed and as the name suggests, the labeling and packing conveyed the meaning of having fun (General Mills, 2011). ...
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