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Airbus Case Study [Type the author name] Table of Contents Background and history 4 Early phase and development of the Company 4 Initiation into Aircraft Development 4 Strategic Drift- Corporate Restructuring and other changes 5 Scientific implications (merging of the separate entities) 6 Financial Implications 6 Operations Strategy 7 Manufacturing Process Design 9 PRE PRODUCTION AND DESIGN PHASE 9 DESIGN AND PRODUCTION PHASE 10 Airbus (Quest for quality) 12 CLASSIC CASE OF A-380 12 CONCLUSION 13 REFERENCES 14 ANNEXURE 15 Annexure-1 15 Annexure-2 17 Background and history The following case study tends to comprehend the various factors that have contributed to the current exalted status of Ai


Its inception was in the form of a GIE, or more popularly as the Economic Interest Group. This was an attempt on the part of the European nations to unsettle the unflinching dominance of the Americans in this sector. Early phase and development of the Company The name Airbus was taken from a generic term used by the Airline industry. One of the other reasons of choosing the name was the linguistic acceptance of the name to the French. Initially, the stake holdership of the company was distributed between a number of players. Aerospatiale had 36.5% of the controlling stake in the company, whereas Deutsche Airbus also had a 36.5% share in the company. This pattern was evident in the company due to the multifarious origin. The other stakeholders were Hawker Siddeley with 20% and Fokker-VFW with 7%. A major change came in the year 1979 when the British Aerospace acquired 20% stake in the company Initiation into Aircraft Development The A-300 was the first Commercial Airline to come out of its stable. ...
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