Aer Lingus Products and Target Market Segments

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Aer Lingus is known for the cheap air fares in European Countries. As most of the students and mid class people prefer to travel by Aer Lingus, it has become one among the top three airline services that offer cheaper fares in Europe.


Marketing is always important for every company irrespective of size and popularity of the brand name. This research paper describes about Aer Lingus products and its target market. This paper also analyzes the marketing mix (4 Ps); the organization is using to attract the chosen target market. It also analyzes effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the 4P mix that Aer Lingus is using and suggests if there are any changes in the marketing mix. As we are discussing about only products, we are not touching the assessment on physical evidence, people and process of Aer Lingus Auxiliary Services. The paper also suggests the best marketing practices that will help Aer Lingus to improve the communication with customers. Introduction Aer Lingus is one of the reputable fleet carrier companies in Ireland. With the low cost model and one way fares, Aer Lingus brand has become most talked about brand in fleet services. On October 22, 2006, Aer Lingus entered into a new phage of business as it realized nearly 400 million Euros through Irish and London Stock Exchange. Most of the Aer Lingus passenger revenue will be generated from its website As per the latest records, nearly 81 percent of total passenger revenue was generated from the website. ...
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