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Mechanism Of Trade Dispute Settlement In The Light Of International Trading System - Dissertation Example

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Mechanism Of Trade Dispute Settlement In The Light Of International Trading System

This study is primarily a descriptive research. Hence, it will exclusively use the qualitative method of inquiry with the idea that such approach would be able to reveal a comprehensive and credible picture that would contribute to the achievement of the study’s objectives. The qualitative approach is important because of the study’s focus on examining issues related to the efficacy of dispute settlement mechanisms in relation to the needs and interest of each trading nation. There is a need to deal with the dispute mechanisms by investigating through specific individual cases of disputes and settlement. This researcher is of the opinion that, in this context, the method is the best tool to uncover weaknesses and unique strengths among the dispute settlement mechanisms. An important component of the research methodology is the case study. According to Katsirikou and Skiadas, it is the preferred strategy in order to answer how and why research questions and that it is a well-suited method to empirically investigate contemporary phenomena. Following the descriptive and exploratory parameter cited earlier, case studies will be employed in order to explain in detail a particular case and that it could provide the basis for comparison and theory building. The Literature Review section will play an important role as well. For example, policy- and decision-making are likely to employ more than one synthesis method. This, would lead to different types of evidence identified as relevant to the range of research objectives outlined. ...
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This research proposal aims to investigate the existing mechanisms of trade dispute settlements in the international trade. Through the qualitative method of inquiry, it is expected that such mechanisms will be identified, explained and analyzed by the researcher. …
Author : maziehodkiewicz

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