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Consumer Behaviour Introduction: Consumer attitudes can be viewed as both harmful as well as extremely profitable to the company based on whether such attitudes are positive or negative. The marketers hence, have the choice to either pursue or ignore these attitudes and use the same by leveraging them in their favour by developing effective marketing strategies to target and capture the positive attitudes or the change the negative attitudes through influence, and other advertising tactics.


The key role of an advertisement is to bring about a positive change in attitudes of consumers towards a brand, which is accomplished by first creating an awareness regarding the brand, followed by communicating a positive message about the same, in a manner which appeals to the sensibilities of the target consumers. The information included in the advertisements exposes the consumers to a variety of information, thus in turn psychologically pressurizing them to buy the product through positive social pressures (Donovan, Henley, 2010). Pride and Ferrell (2011) define attitude as "an enduring evaluation of feelings about and behavioural tendencies toward an object or idea" (Pp. 138). The marketers try to capture and change the individual's feelings / attitudes through advertising. Advertising helps in creating awareness of brands and companies in the minds of the consumers, and the same can be done by appealing to one or all of the three key elements of attitude; which includes - cognitive, affective and behavioural. ...
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