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Sustainable Management Futures Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Code of Ethics 3 Ethics in Business and Management 4 Sustainability Principles 5 Ethical Theories 7 Analysis of Wal-Mart’s Ethical Foundation 11 Business Ethics Reporting 12 Safe Workplace 12 Harassment 12 Retaliation 13 Work Hour and Wages 13 Relationships with Suppliers and Other Associates 13 Environmental Protection 14 Fair Competition 14 Analysis of Ethical Violation of Wal-Mart 15 Violation for Work Hour and Wages 15 Violation of Suppliers and Employees Relationships 15 Violation of Environmental Protection 16 Violation of Fair Competition 16 Possible Ethical Strategies for Wal-Mart 16 Conclusion 18 Re…


An organisation which wishes to develop a positive image must be concerned about its customers’ requirements, society’s requirements, suppliers’ requirements, and requirements of employees’. Companies which are concerned about those above aspects should act ethically. In order to ensure good ethical practices, organisations need to implement ‘code of ethics’ and abide by them appropriately. Code of ethics helps organisations to notify their employees about the vision, brand image and objectives (Friedman, 2000). Code of Ethics Code of ethics is one of the major components for strong ethical foundation. It helps new employees to learn significant aspects about how to perform their tasks and how to behave in workplace. A strong code of ethics addresses general standards on which an organisation stands and specific principles for daily business operations. ...
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