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Ford Strategies Table of Contents 1.0 Inventory Management Strategy in Ford Motor Company 3 2.0 E-commerce Strategy in Ford Motor Company 4 3.0 Virtual Integration Strategy in Ford Motor Company 5 4.0 References 6 5.0 Bibliography 7 1.0 Inventory Management Strategy in Ford Motor Company The Ford Motor Company has taken the strategy to imbibe technology for inventory management.


This system tracks as well as places inventory by utilising the low power frequency along with communication set-up. The company with WhereNet developed a “call” system termed as Where call technology. It has executed WhereNet real time for placing the technology related to ‘Vehicle Inventory Management System (VIMS)’. This system has the capacity to assemble huge numbers of vehicles on daily basis. This advanced technology facilitates to locate cars within a fraction of second (AIM, 2007). The incorporation of VIMS for inventory management ensures lesser time and money for delivery chains. The latest technology is incorporated in the company with an intention to create the entire work flexible and within a short period of time. The managing of inventory through VIMS has become easier and also facilitated the drivers in their operations. The line workers could easily collect supplies of materials with the help of WhereNet RTLS. The workers in the assembly stations are reminded by a timer to find out which tags have been triggered and the time that has been passed in between the calls. The overstocking of components during changing in shifts is also detected by means of the technology (AIM, 2007). ...
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