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The Challenges of Internet Technology in the Area of Marketing

This essay approves that discrimination exists in segmentation of marketing through internet technology. This type of discrimination brings negative impression for marketers. The marketers who use internet technology for their advertisement of the products provide importance to high rank consumers. The poorer consumers are incapable to access the advertising by means of internet technology. The two-way communication is absent in this technology.
This paper makes a conclusion that with reference to the above discussion, it can be concluded that internet technology faces huge challenges in order to meet the purpose of marketing. There are several issues that are raised in relation to internet technology. The technology has brought negative impact on both marketers as well as customers. The marketers faced dilemma while making advertising campaign because there is a chance to be imitated from the competitors. The customers also faced other issues such as online purchase and fear from the payment through credit cards. These challenges will continue unless the marketers remain cautious regarding the internet technology while marketing the products. The technology is beneficial for everyone; however it needs to be used accurately so that it does not get distorted. Improper utilization of internet has led to various challenges. This technology is more advantageous for marketing purpose in comparison to traditional marketing. This type of technology is high on demand in present scenario, thus accurate handling of it brings several benefits for marketers in various ways. Therefore, proper handling of the technology will provide benefits to both customers and marketers. ...
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The paper comprises of the challenges of internet technology in marketing. The internet technology is greatly in use by the marketers but it brings various disadvantages in marketing of products as well as services. The internet technology in marketing removes the traditional form of marketing by providing the customers with innovative form of marketing experiences…
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