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The Traditional CD Marketing Company

There has been a lot of change in the retailing environment in association with the issue of downloading digital resource. At the same time, many modern players in the retail CD market have cut out on the branch style of the organization and have streamlined so that they have fewer corporate offices and zones, and more time and attention to pay to its stars and customers. In terms of price, the competition is that of a rivalry between the traditional CD of music, bought at a retailer in a brick-and-mortar form, versus a song or album that is downloaded over the internet. “Nearly all of the leading OMPs provide the same standard set of features and pricing: $0.99 singles, a dedicated software client, and an extensive catalog of music from the five major labels plus many independents” (Lin, 2009). The current research must also look at the vital issue of how many people are downloading music for free over peer to peer (p2p) networks, or paying minimal amounts through services like iTunes, therefore seriously threatening the recording industry’s and the traditional CD retailing industry’s profits. From a modern perspective, one can also take a traditional view of the overall industry, in terms of development, production, distribution and retail, talking more about making CDs than about making mp3 files, and focusing on cost requirements for making a hit in music, developing this as a sort of artist investment process. On the other hand, in considering marketing and promoting costs, it is important to register the popularity of free internet downloading and how much of a threat this represents. The current research examines economic concepts before putting them in the context of CD vs. digital song retailing. ...
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The current research looks generally at the traditional retail CD market in terms of its change in operational style and its reaction to events in the external business environment affecting its performance, in the light of economic theories. …
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