Place, Promotion and Price Strategies ZTE Computer Tablet Market Entry in the US.

Place, Promotion and Price Strategies  ZTE Computer Tablet Market Entry in the US. Research Paper example
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Computer Tablet Market Entry in the US
To date, it is currently dominated by Apple Inc.’s Ipad 2 cornering around 75 percent of the total market share in September of 2011 leaving leaving only a 25 percent market share for its rivals (Huff Post, 2011).


“According to leaked screenshots leaked by an Amazon source of its internal inventory management system Alaska, and published by Cult of Android, the Kindle Fire is on its way to outselling even the Apple iPad” (Barbara, 2011).
Kindle Fire’s Tablet recent robust performance in the market is a positive development in marketing computer tablet in the US because it demonstrates that Apple’s Ipad is not invincible to the competition as initially perceived. This is an encouraging development for ZTE because it manifests that given with a right product and strategy mix, it is possible that ZTE can outsold Apple’s Ipad. This development tells that ZTE’s aggressive marketing objective in 2015 is realistic and doable.
ZTE is not new in the U.S. market. It currently sells smartphones, feature phones, modems and devices within the U. S. market and has worked with U.S. carriers like AT&T Inc., Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel Corp. and T-Mobile USA (Khariff, 2011). In terms of brand recall, ZTE is no longer a stranger to American consumers. Such that when it introduces its tablet computers in the American market, it already has brand awareness where it can capitalize to gain more market share. ...
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