Well being and physical difficulties.

Well being and physical difficulties. Essay example
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The term wellbeing is synonymous to a state of being healthy. World Health Organization (WHO, 2011) defines health as a “condition of complete mental, physical and social wellbeing and not just the lack of disease or disability”.


However, what constitutes to good life remains a debatable issue that researchers have interrogated for many years without a conclusive finding. Andrews and Withey (1976) argued that any factor that undermines the health of people affects the quality of life adversely. This paper examines the effects of physical difficulties on the wellbeing of people. Determinants of wellbeing and health A combination of several factors determines the health status of individual persons and the society. These factors include the environment and the conditions that people live in (WHO 2011). According to World Health Organization (2011), the environmental condition of our residential areas, genetic constitution, income status and the level of education play a crucial role in determining the state of our health. Other factors include the state of our relations with family and friends. All these health-determining factors are grouped into three categories, namely the physical environment, characteristics and behavior of an individual, in addition to the social and economic environment where people live in (WHO, 2011). In this regard, the state in which people live has a profound effect on their health status. Some of these factors are within the control of people involved while others are not. The level of income determines the ease at which people access necessities to enhance the quality of their lives. ...
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