Managing small business

Managing small business Essay example
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Managing Small Business
More recently, the unmistakeably growing trend in special interest and niche-directed SMEs has drawn attention to the particular attribute of the small and medium enterprise as a versatile and dynamic business form.


Konnect which helps businesses dispose of their surplus goods by channelling them to those sectors in need, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability; and The Nachural Music Group, a West Midlands enterprise which is comprised of a music label and a business specialising in live event production, consultancy and corporate video production (SDE, 2009). Each of these businesses reflects the particular interests of their owner-founders, and cater to specialised services in support of big business. Their areas of expertise make them unsuitable to classify in just one traditional industry; instead, they cater to special needs of particular customers, and may be thought of straddling two or more different but interdependent industries and exploring the connections between them. Konnect9 combines charity work with inventory recovery and recycling; Nachural Music Group treads the fields of music and the visual and communication arts on the one hand, and business on the other; and finally Anthias Consulting Ltd., which bridges science and business. ...
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