What Is Hypnosis? The Psychological And Physical Aspects Of Hypnosis.

What Is Hypnosis? The Psychological And Physical Aspects Of Hypnosis. Essay example
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Hypnosis can be described as the “systematic procedure that typically produces a heightened state of suggestibility” (Weiten, 2008). The state of hypnosis is normally induced by a process called hypnotic induction.


The hypnosis procedure may be applied for different purposes including: hypnotherapy, stage hypnosis and self hypnosis. Hypnotherapy refers to the use of hypnosis procedures for therapeutic reasons and purposes. Stage hypnosis is the kind of hypnotism that is used for the purposes of audience entertainment (Pintar and Lynn, 2008). Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not performed while the individual is in some form of unconscious state. Rather it has been proven that hypnotic subjects are normally fully awake and attentive, but their peripheral awareness is usually reduced. There are two main aspects of hypnosis: physical and psychological. The physical aspect affects the tangible parts of the body or body cells. The psychological aspect of hypnosis affects the emotional and mental aspects of human functionalities (Taddei-Ferretti and Musio, 1999). Psychological Aspects of Hypnosis Psychological aspects of hypnosis are normally explained through psychological theories that affect the mental and emotion beings. These theories normally try to explain how consciousness and hypnotic suggestions come together in order to elicit certain reactions and behaviors in an individual. ...
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