Southwest vs. Jetblue Airlines

Southwest vs. Jetblue Airlines  Essay example
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Southwest Airline The industry chosen is airline industry and the point of reference is Southwest Airline. Airline industry is one of the most lucrative yet challenging industries to operate in. It is among the most regulated industries in the world. This is because the risks facing the industry are real and enormous.


Southwest Airlines was first incorporated as Air Southwest Company on 15, March 1967. Its mission is to provide air transport to passengers within Texas State. However, Southwest Airline is currently operating in six states. It is serving over seventy cities, which enables the airline to make about three thousand three hundred flights daily. The porter’s five forces of the Airline industry with reference to Southwest Airline The first factor is the new entrant’s factor. Air industry is critical to economic growth and development. It is critical in any economy. Therefore, it is an industry perceived by many as highly lucrative. However, huge amount of capital is required to start air transport business and industry is riddled with high level risks. The industry also experiences complicated licensing, certification and regulations procedures, which makes it hard to penetrate. Furthermore, increasing cost of fuel makes it difficult for many people to venture it. The second factor is threats of substitutes. The substitutes to air transport are road, rail and water. Southwest Airline faces competition from road because most (80%) of its customers are domestic customers. If road transport improves, the airline may lose bulk of its domestic customers. Southwest Airline has been lobbying against the introduction of high speed rail transport services in the State of Texas. ...
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