Women like Chanel Bags

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Women like Chanel Bags Fashion trends in certainly one of the important thing followed by the buyers. Along with clothing, buyers do spend lot of time choosing accessories that match their clothing and leave a style statement.


According to Weller (4) fashion is a multi – dimensional form of knowledge that adopts a variety of interdependent expressions, or modalities, shaped by context specific and relationally constituted powers which is crucially important to the worlds garment industries as it gives rise to choices and consumer preferences. Handbags are a female symbol which functions in progressive manner and can express a women’s independence or transgression (Walker, 282). Coco Chanel was famous for changing the way women dressed by innovating a handbag which could be used as shoulder bags, the first was launched in 1929, giving birth to 2.55 in 1955 (Pedersen, 69). Rutherford (394) mentions that Coco Chanel’s creation changed the shape of handbags thoroughly inspired from the soldiers’ shoulder bag and to free women from hand held bag. ...
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