Ethics And Strategy.

Ethics And Strategy. Essay example
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Ethics plays a key role in defining the corporate culture of a firm. Due to a lack of ethics the US at the beginning of the 21st century experienced the two biggest bankruptcies in its history in the cases of Enron and WorldCom.


The company I choose from the index was Barnes & Noble. Barnes and Nobles is considered the world’s largest book retailer. The company currently has 1341 retail and college bookstores across the nation as well as an online bookstore. I choose this company because I believe in the value and importance of the service this company is providing to the community. The foundation of education is based on written literature. This course is about strategy and despite not knowing the purpose of the week six paper I am assuming it has to do with strategy. I have seen what has occurred to other companies in the publishing industry. Big chain bookselling stores such as Borders ran out of business. Barnes and Nobles is in need of a new strategy formation to ensure the long term success of the company. Week1 During the past year and a half my perspective about ethics and social responsibility has changed a lot due to my experience with the MBA program at the University of Phoenix. In the past I was not as aware about the existence of many problems worldwide particularly the real poverty situation across the world. Databases such as CultureGrams and CountryWatch have taught me that there are parts of this world that are suffering from poverty beyond belief. In places such as Africa, China, and Afghanistan the majority of the people have to survive on less than $2 a day. ...
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