Samsung as a new IT leader

Samsung as a new IT leader Essay example
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Samsung: The New IT Leader Word Count: 2623 Table of Contents Executive summary ii Introduction 1 Market and Literature Review 2 Apple versus Samsung Brand 2 Marketing Mix Proposal 2 Marketing Activities 3 Marketing Communication Theory 4 Ethical Issues 5 Research Methods 5 Justification 5 Sources of Data 6 Data Collection Procedure 6 Limitations 6 Analysis 7 Results 7 Discussion 8 Conclusion 9 References 9 Executive summary The Chinese market is a new one, open for any innovative firm that has what it takes to acquire, satisfy and retain customers.


The research found out that a carefully implemented advertising mix and high quality products, even at premium costs, is a sure way to attract and retain a cult-like following of customers. On the contrary, the research revealed that an individual should not be the face of success or failure of the company because if that person were to pass on, as Steve Jobs of Apple did, the future of the company would be jeopardized. In addition, the study revealed that international adverts may not be effective in some localities; hence the need for advertisement targeted at local communities depending on social and cultural characteristics of the society. Samsung-The New IT Leader Introduction Marketing is a business strategy by which a manufacturer or producer of any goods or services shifts from the basic production function and takes into concern the needs and requirements of the customers-to-be. In this case, a manufacturer aims at discovering what customers’ interests in a rival product are and then attempt convince them that their product is better than the rivals’. ...
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