Misevaluation Affects the Failure of Merger and Acquisition Activities

Misevaluation Affects the Failure of Merger and Acquisition Activities  Dissertation example
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The understanding over the impact and influence of misevaluation in the failure of mergers and acquisitions has been presented in a logical and illustrative manner by covering wide arrays of information on the research topic.


The literature review chapter highlighted the ideas, views and opinions of different academicians and researchers along with discussing them at length. The literature review illustrated that mergers and acquisitions are often driven by misevaluation that leads to the failure in the long term as the market corrects the misevaluation. Moreover, mergers and acquisitions are driven by managerial optimism that leads to the failure in the long term. A detailed approach has been presented in the chapter that also covers other elements affecting the result of mergers and acquisitions in the business environment.
The research methodology chapter is based on secondary research method and case study approach that covers information on the merger of Time Warner and AOL. The study highlighted the reasons of failure along with stating the role of the management and other factors. Overall, the center of discussion was restricted to the impact of misevaluation in mergers and acquisitions. The finding and analysis chapter is based on the findings of the case study along with relating them to the literature review in a logical manner. The last chapter concludes the entire research by stating its strengths, limitations, results and outcomes in a descriptive and analytical manner. Every journey starts with a single idea and enthusiasm that makes the journey an experience.
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