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Essay example - Model of Helping

Model of Helping Essay example
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Running head: MODEL OF HELPING Model of Helping (name) (school) Model of Helping Introduction In the health care practice, there are various models of helping. These models are used in the administration of care and in the management of patient diseases. These models imply a relationship between the clinician and the patient which is based on the establishment of therapeutic goals for both parties, but mostly for the patient seeking help…

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It shall establish my view of helping and the relationship between the clinician and the participant. It shall also discuss the different techniques or approached to change with a coherent model chosen which is consistent and which manifests adequate understanding of the material presented, as well as reflects the ability to integrate and synthesize the course material. It shall also discuss the kinds of problems which can be addressed with my model, the multicultural issues of the model, and the limitations and strengths of the model. Finally, it shall consider the populations which this model can help. This paper is being carried out in order to establish a clear and comprehensive discussion of my helping model preference especially as it applies in the clinician setting and on the particular incidents of patient care. Discussion My personal model of helping is a conglomeration of theories and ideas from existential, behaviorism, Adlerian, and person-centered theories, and from the rational-emotive theories. ...
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