Critical Commentary of an Article (CRM Go Digital)

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CRM GO DIGITAL The present piece of literature deals with the extremely poignant topic of the digitization of CRM (Customer Relations Management) and also the quantitative effect of internet on the complete exercise. In order to complete the study a sample space of around 350 entities have been chosen which include top level managers involved in the decision making mechanism of the respective companies.


1. The sampling is one of the major areas on which the success of any study is dependent. There are various types of sampling. For doing the statistical studies, the methods of sampling that we generally use are probability and non-probability sampling. Among them, various other subdivisions are present that are used to distinguish the study according to the requirement. Here, the study is about the relative impact of the CRM digital techniques on the industry. According to me, there are multiple problems with the sampling technique used here. It is not all adequate by any stretch of the imagination. To begin with, the data was sent out to the selected names from the particular database. The sampling technique was basically destined to be probability sampling, but the sampling technique acquired the attributes of non –probability sampling due to the data collection methodology in place here. The survey was answered over various phases, which would have added to the redundancy of the data. The other factor, which is extremely important here is the sample size that is taken. Given the importance and the vast scope of the subject, the sample size should have been much larger with a larger number of participants. ...
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