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Essay example - Human memory appears to consist of a number of systems. Outline ways in which these have been described and examine the evidence

Human memory appears to consist of a number of systems. Outline ways in which these have been described and examine the evidence Essay example
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Human memory consists of systems used for storing and recalling information such as personal experiences, facts, emotions, procedures, skills and habits (Tulving 2006). Different scientific disciplines have examined various aspects of memory from diverse perspectives and as a result, the topic has been subject of intense debate and controversies…

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Neuropsychological perspective describes and classifies human memory systems using various methods. One of the approaches is classification by dissociation, where the evidence for the method is derived from clinical and experimental observations concerning the working or functioning of the memory (Tulving 2006). Using this approach, human memory consists of three interrelated subsystems namely short-term sensory storage (STSS), working or short-term memory (STM) and long-term memory (LTM). Short-term sensory storage system is fast and automatic system that stores information for a period of less than one second. The sensory system perceives and stores visual and auditory information temporarily (Tulving 2006). According to Baddeley (1997), dissociation contributes an important but insufficient condition for classifying tasks in various categories and making conclusions about memory systems and subsystems. However, credible evidence supporting the multiple memory systems have been provided by congruence of findings from experiments in neuropsychological, neurochemical and developmental studies. ...
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