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Last name, first name. Course Subject: Company Analysis Date Supervisor Interview Assignment Introduction: The present context describes the interview conducted with an employee of a multinational company serving as the supervisor of 12 executives. This report illustrates the questions and responses from the candidate; further, an assessment of the interview discussion will be performed to identify the positive and improvement aspects of the candidate’s qualities with respect to the role, which will help in assessing the candidate’s readiness for the role in question.


Before taking on the responsibilities of a supervisor, this candidate had 4-years experience in same process that he is currently supervising. Upon being recognized as a potential candidate for supervisory role, he was selected for an in-house front line leadership training workshop. Qualities of a supervisor: According to the interviewee, the three most important qualities of a good supervisor include knowledge of the work, coaching skills and ability to build strong interpersonal relationships. Knowledge and expertise related to the concerned work and tasks will help in training and guiding the executives; secondly, these will also help in monitoring their progress and providing the correct and constructive feedback so that the executives can continuously improve their performance. ...
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