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DEsigning a Psychology experiment , 1000 word maximum report consisting of an hypothesis and a method section - Essay Example

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STUDYING THE EFFECTS OF DIVORCE ON THE ACADEMIC SUCCESS OF CHILDREN SUBMITTED BY: SUBMITTED TO: INSTITUTE: 1. PROBLEM STATEMENT To investigate whether or not parental divorce has any effects on academic success among children. 2. HYPOTHESIS 2.1 Null Hypothesis There is no difference in academic performance among children whose parents are divorced and children whose parents are not divorced…

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DEsigning a Psychology experiment , 1000 word maximum report consisting of an hypothesis and a method section

3. METHODOLOGY This project requires cause and effect hypothesis testing and therefore the design chosen is an experimental design (Srinagesh, 2006), with a quantitative research methodology. 3.1 Participants (Sample) The sample for this research will consist of two groups of college students. The sample will be drawn from among college students. The sample will consist of 40 college students in all. Twenty of these will be those whose parents have been divorced while twenty will be those whose parents are both alive and living together. In order to control the variable of gender, each group of participants will be composed of ten males and ten females. The students will be approached along with a briefing letter about the experiment and they will be asked to sign an informed consent form if they are willing to participate in the research. 3.2 Variables The independent variable in this study will be the divorced or not divorced status of the participants’ parents while the dependent variable will be the scores obtained on the questionnaire titled: ‘Student readiness Inventory’ (ACT, 2011). 3.3 Research Design and Method This experiment involves hypothesis testing and is based on quantitative methods. ...
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