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Essay example - Research methods in Psychology What is meant by a double-blind, randomized controlled trial? Explain why such trials are

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Despite the fact that double-blind studies are a popular subject, only a few recognize their true importance. It’s easy enough to understand their importance only it is more difficult to accept their consequences. This is mainly because they go against relying on one’s direct personal experience…

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This is mainly due to the presence of confounding variables. So a double blind study serves not just to be a proof of efficacy but also a solid indication as to whether a treatment really works or not. What is a Double-Blind Study? It is in the nature of a randomized double-blind trial which is also placebo controlled that is medical in nature to have subjects that are given false treatment, also known as a placebo, and the researchers as well as the subjects are unable to distinguish between the two right up till the point when the study is concluded. This is why the study is referred to as ‘blind’. Also the way the subjects are given the treatment or the placebo is through random selection and hence the term ‘randomized’. Why Double-Blind Studies? There are several reasons why for a number of treatments the most effective question that can address the research question is that of a randomized double-blind, placebo controlled study. These studies which mainly aim to address the central question: “Does a certain Treatment X benefit Condition Y?” In order to fully understand the significance and the role that a randomized double blind study plays is by looking at the numerous problems that can rise when we attempt to address this question in any other way. ...
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