Contemporary Issues In Marketing

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Running head: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN MARKETING Contemporary issues in marketing Insert Name Insert student number Insert Instructor’s Name 5th December 2011 Introduction Coca-Cola Company is an international firm that is headquartered in Atlanta, US. The company specializes in production and selling of non-alcoholic beverages which include Coke, Fanta and Sprite among others.


Coca-Cola Company, whose annual revenue is more than US$ 35 billion, operates in more than 200 countries (August, 2008). In order to ensure that its products are effectively distributed across all parts of the world, the company uses distributors. In addition, bottlers are also used to dilute and package the syrup concentrate that is produced by Coca Cola Company. Under the leadership of Muhtar Kent, the company Chief Executive Officer, Coca-Cola has diversified its market share leading to increase of sales and revenue. The profitability of Coca-Cola is based on effective marketing strategies and management policies. For instance, the company has a long history of acquiring other companies thus making it to have a strong capital base and high number of consumers. Some of the major companies that were acquired by Coca-Cola include Minute Maid, Barq, Odwalla, Fuze Beverage and Huiyuan Juice Group. Contemporary marketing and changes in the 21st century Technology advancement, economic growth and the increased demand of products via the internet are some of the major factors that have resulted to adoption of new marketing strategies in the 21st century. ...
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