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How the Internet is Changing Market Research? Contents Introduction 3 Marketing Research Techniques 3 Use of Internet Research Techniques in Marketing Research 4 Conclusions 5 References 7 Introduction 10 Marketing Research Techniques related to Product Innovation 10 Conclusions 11 References 12 Introduction The activities related to marketing research help a business organization to retrieve potential information from the external market scenario that helps the business managers to render effective decisions to gain a larger market share.


Through marketing research the business manager can both identify potential opportunities and also can effectively monitor existing sales and marketing activities to render needed changes (McDaniel and Gates, 5). The development of internet technology has helped the market research firms to gain potential information both related to primary and secondary data. Business companies can effectively retrieve large amounts of potential databases and secondary information pertaining to the market for their products and services through the use of internet which in turn helps save business costs (Blythe and Zimmerman, 60). Marketing Research Techniques The marketing research activities are based on a number of techniques to gain potential information from the marketplace. Activities of primary research which enables the use of primary tools can conduct interviews on groups of people or on specific individuals. ...
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