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How Has the Global Political Environment Changed Over 2010? - Research Paper Example

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10 July 2011. How has the global political environment changed over 2010? 2010 has seen a myriad of political upsets in different parts of the world. The upsets have culminated into huge changes in the political scenario that has turned decades of rule into jeopardy…

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How Has the Global Political Environment Changed Over 2010?

“This revolution has shown the people of the world, not just in the Arab world, that peaceful change can come about and violence and extremism is not required in order to achieve democracy and freedom” (McCain cited in GlobalPost). The military rulers in Egypt planned to hold transparent democratic elections in a period of six months and thus reached, a series of desired constitutional amendments including the limiting the presidential term in the US style. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces resolved to enact free democratic system after the demise of Hosni Mubarak. In order to achieve this, the Supreme Council established a panel that would look after the constitutional changes and also resolved to hold free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections following the period of transition. The atmosphere of change originates in the conflict between the militants and protestors that played a fundamental role in ousting Hosni Mubarak. In February, 2011, Moussa was considered by the public as the best candidate to replace Hosni Mubarak after 30 years of his rule because of the immense fame and popularity of Moussa among the public. ...
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