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Principles of Marketing Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Principles of Marketing Product No one can deny that Mercedes, BMW and other automotive manufacture have a different portfolio of cars that are designed to target different segment.   To compare the products we should be able to know the attributes of these products which the competitor lack.


Expected product Here is an onboard multimedia player. The products offer the ability to drive at a high speed safely. Augmented product The products give the experience of a modern powerful car which enables the driver to drive the machine more easily than before. There is also the inclusion of the electric control and the ability to optimize the space used in the car giving the passenger the impression of more space. The safety level of the car can be raised by use of automatic breaks. The cameras enable the driver to park. The products also do provide more in terms of guarantee than the competitors. Finance facilities and after sale services are also given. There are also unique designs with different colours. Potential product There efficiency of the cars is improved using green energy. Energy consumption of the cars is improved. The safety level of passengers is improved using advance technology. Lastly use of solar energy to save the fuel of the cars. The branding strategies The adverts have displayed all the components of branding which include name logo and slogan. First with the BMW there is the famous circular white and blue BMW logo or roundel with the initials BMW inside the logo. The blue colour on the logo also forms part of the branding. ...
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