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Essay example - Article critique

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ARTICLE CRITIQUE SUBMITTED BY: SUBMITTED TO: COURSE: INSTITUTION: 1. INTRODUCTION The study titled ‘Silver linings and candles in the dark’ was conducted by Shiota (2006). The purpose of the study has been stated as to identify whether or not people use positive coping strategies in negative situations selectively…

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Theoretical reference is missing altogether in this paper. Lazarus (1966) theory of stress could have been useful to build the theoretical framework for this study since it explains selective appraisal of stressful situations; and the selective choice of coping strategies depend on these appraisals and individual differences. According to Huck (2011), it is easy to compare the findings against hypotheses if available. The researcher offers two hypotheses in the introduction, both non directional. The study aims at establishing the relationship of the types of coping strategies with negative situations and with direct enhancement of the experience of a positive emotion. The criterion variable is the type of coping strategy and predictor variables are negative events and enhancement of experience of a positive emotion (Bordens & Abbott, 2005). 2. METHODS The research uses a purely quantitative, non experimental design and relies upon a descriptive research methodology drawing on correlational research. Correlational research consists of research designs created to study the relationship between two or more variables. ...
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