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[Author’s Name] [Tutor’s Name] [Class] 15 July 2011 Global Marketing Management Positioning, Branding, and Competitive Advantage Russian Standard vodka was initially designed to target middle-class and premium segment consumers. With its price exceeding the average price of other vodka brands in the Russian market, Russian standard had a goal to familiarize Russian consumers with superior quality vodka products and show them that Russian vodka manufacturers could deliver a product, which reflected the continuity of Russian alcoholic traditions, while also looking forward into the future.


Second, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, a premium and super-premium quality segment was virtually absent in the Russian vodka market; imported brands like Finland and Absolute were simply unaffordable (Grigorian). Consequentially, Russian Standard was positioned to occupy a market segment, which was mostly free of competitors but offered unlimited brand expansion opportunities. Eventually, Russian Standard vodka did not merely rely on its superior quality but sought to sustain a prestigious name and brand image: in this way, Russian Vodka brand would become appealing to both groups of customers – those who respected its quality and those, who were fascinated with its prestige (Grigorian). Unfortunately, brand positioning of Russian Standard vodka in Russia was not without controversy. The numerous attributes of the Russian Standard brand failed to create a complete and comprehensible picture of its most advantageous features. ...
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