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FRom the book theories and practices of counseling and psychotherapy By Gerald Corey - Essay Example

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FRom the book theories and practices of counseling and psychotherapy By Gerald Corey

His idea of the three systems of personality, the id, ego and superego being in constant battle is likened to a person’s continual debate of what is right and wrong, and then behaves according to his moral decisions. Such decisions are affected by what society dictates as well as what the person truly desires for himself. To survive living with negative experiences that may have marred a person’s personality or life views, he develops “defense mechanisms” that aim to keep those traumatic experiences repressed in the unconscious. These defense mechanisms are usually practiced by everyone in their daily life not knowing that they are applications of Freudian thought. An example of a defense mechanism commonly used is ‘rationalization’. If a person has strived hard to reach a goal like applying for a certain job position and does not get it, he would rationalize to his family that he was not so interested in it after all. It is much like the fabled fox “sour-graping”. This is an attempt to mask his utter disappointment and maintain an “unaffected” facade to the people around him. ...
This tedious process intends for the client to reach a level of self-understanding for him to be able to move on with his life without the heavy emotional baggage he has been carrying all his life. This understanding is necessary for an eventual change in character. The psychoanalytic therapist should be adept and very patient in coaxing the client to unearth his repressions. The ability to listen and be alert and sensitive to what the client tries to communicate (verbally or non-verbally) is crucial to her valid interpretations about the client. She must also possess maturity and maintain her professional objectivity especially when the client undergoes “transference” of remembered feelings towards a significant person in his life to the therapist. A deep level of trust must have been established between the therapist and the client to be able to achieve this feat. In order for the therapy to be successful, the client must be committed to being cooperative and ready to discover truths about himself, no matter how ugly it may be. In the course of the therapy, the client is expected not to make any drastic life changes that may affect the analysis of the clients’ problems. Psychoanalytic therapy ends when both client and therapist mutually agree that they have reached the goals of therapy, that of the client reaching self-understanding, and being able to use uncovered information in confronting present conflicts and future possibilities of repetition of patterns of unwanted behavior. Adlerian Theory Adlerian theory offers much encouragement to disheartened individuals. It embraces inherent feelings of inferiority as positive signs of a person’s realization that he needs to strive to be better than what he is now. Adlerian theory focuses more ...Show more


Psychoanalytic Theory The Psychoanalytic theory is premised on the belief that human nature is greatly affected by a person’s early childhood experiences and conflicts between impulses and prohibitions. The complicated theories developed by Sigmund Freud became highly controversial especially in the era they were presented due to the fact that it involved psychosexual issues considered “taboo” at the time…
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FRom the book theories and practices of counseling and psychotherapy By Gerald Corey essay example
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