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Toyota Company - Research Paper Example


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Toyota Company

A marketing strategy consists on a well-designed plan that makes a marketing plan highly effective. Marketing strategies serve as a foundation to fill market needs.  Plans and goals are usually tested for results. Toyota’s mission statement of the company is to achieve a stable and long-term growth in the future. One way to ensure that is to test their vehicles again and again. Hence, testing and development becomes extremely critical at this stage. Research shows that Toyota is known for its testing as it would test its cars around million times, just to ensure the reliability. Although this is costly and maybe on the key factors that lead to downfall for Toyota; Toyota cannot leave its pride in quality satisfaction. It must continue to develop cars that are fuel efficient but are tested in their labs for months before moving it to the market. In the past, Toyota has gone out of its way to put the customer first. In the case of the Tacoma, Toyota found this issue of rusting in the truck’s frame. These were trucks that were around a decade old. Toyota said it would give the owners of these trucks a certain amount of money back — in some case $10,000 or $15,000. That was an example of how Toyota dealt with these issues where it went above and beyond what was called for. But it cared about building a relationship with the customer. It also offered free service check for 24 hours for its customers. Overall, Toyota did an excellent job of handling crisis. Another key marketing concept of Toyota

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According to Wikipedia (Toyota, n.d.), the company was founded in 1933 with the division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works that was devoted to the production of automobiles. However, in 1937 it already performed its activities as an independent company. Since its
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that is essential for its success in innovation: Society’s zeal to move towards a “greener earth” will no doubt play a critical role towards Toyotas’ marketing strategy. Comprehensive research indicates that much of the credit can be given the dynamic internal environment. The production team continues to enhance the quality of its vehicles by many measures. The manufacturing department ensures that fast and quality material are being delivered. The question remains; how did Toyota troubleshoot the recent recall with its marketing strategy. The company took some key steps to ensure their brand reputation. The company has no doubt committed itself not only to produce better autos but to serve its customers with hybrid alternatives. With gas prices continuing to woe customers, hybrid models from Toyota have been a key element for its success. This can be perfectly elaborated at the fact that the company has enhances its Environmental Plan is committed to a “greener environment.” Thus, with the introduction of Prius and other hybrid vehicles, Toyota can really attack this market segment. Prior to this recall, Toyota was super cost effective. What Toyota needs to acknowledge is the fact that it can attract all market segments. So why not introduce more hybrid vehicles that can compete with big monsters such as Ford, Chevy, and GM? American automakers continue to redefine their strategy to combat against their competitor. Well-known for attracting every market segments, Toyota should be able to attract every market segment. Toyota continues to attract its strong customer base by various methods. One of the key things it establishes is putting money back in investing. The company has a strong


Without a doubt, the Toyota Company is a leader in manufacture, assembly and distribution nationwide. Hence, a very efficient marketing and management style is needed in order for the company to thrive in a fierce competitive environment. Toyota is also a lead executioner of a practice called as “JIT system.” JIT improves organization's return on investment, quality, and efficiency as cash flow are apparent along with a strong process inventory.One cannot acknowledge the beauty of Toyota’s success without understanding its marketing model…
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Toyota Company Research Paper essay example
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