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Running head: LEEDS BRADFORD AIRPORT Leeds Bradford airport Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name July 22, 2011 1. The promotional strategy to be used by the airline Promotion is essential when a new product or service is to be availed in the market.


Primarily, promotion is aimed at informing the clients the existence of a new product or service in the market (Peterson et al, 2010, p.168). It also appeals to the customers that the products and services to be introduced into the market are better that the ones that have been existence. A number of procedures are available that can be used by the organization to help win customers to its new flight services. These include advertisement, sales promotion, public relations, publicity, and personal selling (Harper, 2003, p.108). An effective promotion by the new budget airline will require an integration of these different approaches into the operations of the organization. Advertisement Advertisement refers to providing information to the targeted clients on the availability of new services in the market. It also appeals to the customers by pointing out the desirable qualities of the new services that distinguishes them from other services available in the market. Advertisement can be done through different media. These include print media (newspapers and magazines), television, radio, internet, or public service advertising. In choosing the medium to use for advertisement of services, the company has to understand the medium that is common among the targeted customers (Harper, 2003, p.109). ...
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