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International Marketing Contents International Marketing 1 Contents 2 Introduction 3 Product and product line 3 Proposed Export Country 4 Target market 8 Market sales potential 10 Marketing plan 11 Conclusion 13 Reference 13 Introduction The company is a Hong Kong based organisation which deals in consumer products.


Product and product line The company deals with consumer product goods. Its consumer product ranges from beauty products to household care products. Beauty products includes skincare products-creams, lotions, perfumes; hair care products- hair oil, shampoos, conditioner; Household care products includes packaged food, detergent powder and liquid, dish washer and toilet papers. The company has been investing a good amount of money in innovations and in Research and Development department. The company plans to expand into Central American country because of the growing opportunity and to create a global presence for itself. Therefore the product that the company would export is packaged food or so called ready to eat food. The reason for choosing this product is that Central America has a tremendous growth opportunity in the retail food segment especially for ready to eat foods. The company can export its packaged food items and try to capture a reasonable market share in the retail food segment. Packaged food items would include breakfast’s cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and snack foods. Proposed Export Country The country where the company should export is Central America. ...
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