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Ernst and Young - Marketing for financial services

‘Ernst and Young’ has a very strong Internet presence. The company through its website has helped the external stakeholders get a view of the different activities that the firm undertakes in the field of Financial Services Consulting. Moreover, the different industries which the consulting firms cater on a worldwide basis are also listed in the website. Further, the philosophy and core values of the company are also listed in the company website of Ernst and Young. The website is created to generate information about its liaison activities through publishing information of events during international conferences and press meets (Ernst & Young, 2010). Ernst and Young through the use of Internet have endeavored to go for a brand extension (Rigopoulou, n.d.) It has helped the company in finding out newer markets which in turn has helped in greatly reducing the sales and operational cost of the company. Through the advent of electronic commerce, terms like Business to Business Commerce and Business to Consumer Commerce have come into existence where the activities of business has crossed the boundaries of regions and nations. The company through the development of networking activities can participate on an international scale in trade fairs and exhibitions where they can generate a mass appeal and get consumers’ response (Dransfield, Richards & Dooley, 2004; Neild & Carysforth, 2004, p. 377). ...
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‘Ernst and Young’ is recognized as the topmost organization in the field of financial service consulting worldwide. It is recognized for ‘Corporate Governance’, prevention of financial crimes, conducting practices on based on ‘operational risks’ and catering widely for the customers…
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